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Company News
Oregon DOT purchased their fourth unit in four years, allowing them to send out four crews in different districts with a capital investment roughly equal to a single fuel-fired trailer.

Repeat Customers

  • Dallas County, IA (2)

  • Dodge County, WI (4)

  • Kirksville, MO (2)

  • Menomonee Falls, WI (2)

  • Milwaukee, WI (3)

  • Oregon DOT (4)

  • Ottumwa, IA (2)

  • Winnebago County, IL (2)

Improved ergonomics ...

Longer lasting repairs ...

Higher productivity ...

Happier drivers and work crews!

PatchBox is targeted for any street/road maintenance crew that currently patches potholes from the bed of a truck. That includes small municipalities struggling with the cost of a fuel-fired trailer to cities sending out more crews than they have equipment to support during the peak patching season.

"We’ve been using it daily in temperatures down to 10 degrees or so. The guys love it! Material comes out pliable, resulting in better patches. I think the unit will pay for itself with longer lasting patches. I’m already thinking about adding another unit next year because my guys are ‘fighting’ over who gets to use it when I send out multiple patching crews.”

 - Maintenance Supervisor, City of Galesburg, IL

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