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Patching potholes is nasty work! Shoveling material from a chest-high truck bed. Frequently jumping into the bed to move material to the back. Battling cold weather ​and material that grows stiffer as the temperature drops.

We founded PatchBox LLC after observing the various “tricks” that maintenance crews employ to make patching easier, but which often compromise patch quality and even safety.


Internal combustion engines are roughly 50% efficient, with unused BTUs escaping from the exhaust system. We decided to put that paid-for energy to work warming cold mix. After developing and successfully testing the concept for two years, PatchBox LLC was formed in February 2012.
PatchBox offers many benefits when used with a one-ton pick-up with a dump bed and our PatchCatch Tray:

  • Dramatically improved ergonomics means safer and more productive workers.

  • Pliable material results in longer lasting patches, increased productivity & less wasted material.

  • Cold mix is confined to PatchBox rather than marring truck beds and dropping truck resale value.

  • Our simple design keeps the unit out of your mechanic's area and on the streets

  • No ongoing fuel costs; it's a green process.

  • Truck exhaust is routed out of the immediate work area.

  • No hassle or safety issues associated with a trailer if using the truck for compaction.


PatchBox comes at a price any town can afford … and justify when one considers the cost avoidance of front end alignments or a rotator cuff surgery (which average $50,000 in medical expenses and 11 months off work). d

Public Works boneyards are littered with ideas that didn't pan out.
Cost effective pothole patching hot box

Public Works boneyards are littered with failed attempts to make patching easier. Some are downright dangerous. Fortunately, the inventors of this "beauty" are now PatchBox customers.

While designed for cold weather patching, several customers use PatchBox year-round so they can realize improved ergonomic patching and avoid truck bed marring during warm weather months.

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