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PatchBox is designed for municipalities that currently throw cold mix on the back of truck and struggle with its workability in cold weather.  It's for communities that can't afford specialized vehicles but are willing to make a small investment to improve the safety and productivity of their pothole patching maintenance crews.
In order to fully realize the ergonomic benefits of PatchBox, we recommend using it with a commercial one-ton pickup (ie, "tonner") with a dump bed.
We want to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Please contact us if you have additional questions.
PatchBox cold mix asphalt warming box


Length:​ 7'

Width: 4' (6' with input & output elbows)

Height: 2'

Capacity: 1 cu-yard

Weight (Empty): 900 lbs (w/PatchCatch Tray)

Weight (Full):  3000 lbs

Click HEREto download a report on how to optimize patching performance with PatchBox.

Click HERE to watch a short video of PatchBox in action.




Want to talk to folks like you who have used PatchBox? Our existing customers are part of our sales force. Click HERE for a list of customer contacts.

Click HERE to download the Owner's Manual in pdf format.

We've worked with enough streets maintenance crews to know that they're a pretty handy bunch.

Click HEREto download photos and suggestions for mounting your PatchBox unit.

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